Post-treatment Care

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Post-treatment Care

Thank you for choosing our office for your endodontic needs.

One visit root canal treatment (RCT): we have finished the root canal treatment (RCT). The temporary filling is good for up to one month.

Two visit root canal treatment (RCT): most RCTs are done in one visit, but for difficult and very infected cases treatment may require two appointments. If we told you that the tooth needs to be treated in two appointments, please know that the root canal treatment is not finished yet, but we have placed an antibacterial temporary paste in the canals and a temporary filling.
Your second appointment should be scheduled in 7-10 days to finish the RCT and after that you can go back to your dentist for a permanent filling.

Right after the appointment you can drink, but please do not eat for an hour, so the temporary filling will set. Also, please wait until the numbness is gone, so you will not bite your cheek and lips. Please do not chew gum, hard or crunchy foods on this tooth.

This tooth could be sensitive to biting for up to one week. If after a few days you do not have pain in this area, please call your dentist to schedule a permanent filling and, if your dentist recommends, a crown. Permanent fillings and crowns can be placed in 7-10 days, but no later than one month after the appointment, if no pain or any other problem is present. If the RCT was done through the permanent crown, your dentist will consult with you regarding a need in a new crown.

For pain control please take, if you can, 2-3 Advil (Ibuprofen 200mg) every 6 hours for 1-2 days.
If you can take Tylenol (Acetaminophen), it can be taken together with Ibuprofen, the maximum allowed dose of Tylenol per 24 hours for a healthy adult is 3,000 mg.

If you have throbbing pain the first day, you can take the prescription medication we gave you, between the hours you take Advil. Prescription medications have a narcotic component that will make you drowsy (so you will not be able to drive), and may cause nausea and upset stomach (please take with food).

If antibiotics are prescribed, please use them as instructed or if you begin having constant, throbbing pain or swelling. In that case, please contact our office. For patients taking oral contraceptives: antibiotics might make birth control pills ineffective for the following month.

Patients with allergies to medications and with specific medical problems will receive specific instructions to accommodate their needs. Once we have finished your treatment we will send x-rays and a written report to your referring dentist.
A follow up evaluation and x-ray is recommended in 6 months. You should schedule this at either your general dentist office or ours.

Insurance / Payments

If you have insurance, we will do all we can to help you maximize your benefits. We file insurance claims and pretreatment estimates as a courtesy for our patients. Copays given are strictly estimates and you are responsible for any unpaid balance not covered by insurance.

In the event of an overpayment from you we will promptly reimburse you once payment has been received from insurance. This refund will be issued in the form of a check sent to the address we have on file for you. In the event of a balance due we will issue you an invoice that is payable upon receipt.

Reports / Follow up

Reports and x-rays will be mailed to your dentist after your consultation / treatment is completed. It is your responsibility to contact your dentist to schedule an appointment to have any necessary restoration placed once you finish treatment with us.

Safe prescription disposal

After hours you can leave a message or text for Dr. Berman at 317-698-6957 and she will call you back.

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Phone: (317) 815-5552

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