Cone Beam CT

Berman Endodontics CBCT

Cone Beam CT

Our cone beam CT (CBCT) captures low-dose, high-quality CT images for all the endodontic needs.

Medicine has relied on 3D imaging (CAT scans) for many years. CAT scans with less radiation and more precision, limited to the dental structures, were widely incorporated in dentistry more than 10 years ago. The reason was that two-dimensional imaging (conventional 2D x-rays) is not accurate enough to provide complete information about the anatomy and problems dentists have to treat.

The advantage of 3D imaging over regular dental imaging is that bone structure, bone density, internal tooth anatomy and adjacent structures can be viewed clearly in all three planes. This provides highly accurate diagnostic information in a non-invasive manner.

The addition of the CS 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System to Dr. Berman’s office revolutionizes patient treatment and perfects the way his practice treats oral infections. Its unique “2 in 1” system (3D and panoramic) is well suited for very complex diagnostic, surgical and endodontic procedures. The very high resolution imaging capabilities provided by this unit enable Dr. Berman to detect lesions with more accuracy. This breakthrough technology provides unprecedented x-ray views of the oral cavity.

Oral Radiology service is an option for an interpretation of the CT images.

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